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Welcome to Shindengen UK

Our German Branch is moving to the following new address on 6th June 2019.
Please use this new address and the new Tel. No. for any post / any call after this date.

Prinzenallee 1
40549 Düsseldorf, Germany
Tel.:+49 (0) 211 5206 590 Fax:+49 (0) 211 4986 499


Shindengen has gained an exceptional reputation in the electronics industry during 70 years of operation as a leading power electronics company and has built a network of 10 domestic and 13 overseas subsidiaries as our bases for manufacturing and sales. Taking on the challenges of accelerated globalisation in recent years we are enhancing our network in emerging countries that are experiencing exceptional growth, and transiting into a business style that can capture their booming demands.

Shindengen UK Ltd subsidiary was launched in 1989 at Barking, Essex and now is located in King’s Cross, Central London.

In 1996 we established our second European office in the City of Düsseldorf, Germany. At our warehouse and Logistic centre we hold over 500 product lines, which are distributed throughout Europe using our extensive distribution channels.

Since our establishment in1949, Shindengen has been active in the power electronics sector as a rare type of manufacturer bringing together three core technologies: semiconductor, power circuits and module developments. We hold our mission as “maximising energy conversion efficiency for the benefit of humanity and society.” Under this mission, we continue to protect the environment by maximising environmental-friendliness with our combined core technologies while we respond to our customer needs.


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