Maximizing efficiency

In power conversion


Our expansive product line of semiconductors includes general rectifier diodes used for switching power supplies, world-leading performance bridge diodes, MOSFETs and high-speed rectifier diodes. We also maintain a large market share in surge protection devices appropriate for induced-surge and over-voltage protection.


Schottky Diodes

These are high-voltage, high-speed PN-junction rectifying elements with improved reverse recovery characteristics. They are perfectly suited for SMPS in fields including home electronics, as well as those for offices and factories. With switching frequencies around 100 kHz, they are responsive to the trend towards higher frequencies in SMPS.


General Rectifying Diodes

High voltage PN-junction rectifying elements.
Our chip structure uses our own chemically and physically stable glass passivation. It offers exceptional heat and humidity resistance. Voltage reaches 800 V and output currents range from 1 A to 25 A.


Fast Recovery Diodes

These diodes use the barriers created from the junction of metal and semiconductor. They make optimal high-speed recovery time 20ns, low-VF 0.92V diodes.
For Automotive EV・PHEV Power Supply Secondary rectifier diode for DCR Snubber in AC Inverter


Bridge Diodes

Suited for rectifying commercial power.
Voltage reaches1600 V, with 1.05V forward voltage.
Full line includes output currents from 0.4 A to 50 A, high-voltage, high-IFSM, and low-noise in every package.


Power Mosfets

Power Mosfets

Our experience as a power semiconductor manufacturer is utilized in our MOSFETs. Their low input capacitance and high durability make them ideal for use in SMPS.




The SIDAC is a semiconductor element that conducts once a specified voltage is applied. It is widely used as a switch element, a pulse generation element, etc. The K1V series is bidirectional (it conducts in both directions). The G1V series is miniaturized and unidirectional, for DC circuits.


Surge Absorbers

Surge Absorbers

Our range of surge absorbers provides protection against lightning, excess voltage and ESD.

① Surge Absorbers ② Thyristor Surge Suppressors


Power Zeners

Power Zeners

Power Zeners are voltage clamp surge protection elements that apply the avalanche breakdown phenomenon in the reverse direction from the PN junction. They have greater surge current capacities than conventional Zener diodes. Also available are power clampers, specially developed for SMPS circuit snubbers, with power diodes and high-speed diodes built into one package.

① Zeners ② Power Clampers


Power ICs

MV Series

MV Series feature functions specialized for LED lighting, such as no auxiliary winding quasi-resonant operation, deep dimming and compatibility with illuminated light switches. And an off width modulation function allows for smooth deep dimming of 1% or less.


MH Series

MH2501SC (master IC) and MH2511SC (slave IC) comprise ICs for a current-critical interleaved PFC circuit. Interleaving with master and slave ICs ensures low noise and high efficiency, which are characteristics of current-critical PFCs, even in high power range. One-phase PFC can be configured using just the master IC.


MCZ Series

MCZ series are IC for ballast resonant half-bridge current mode of frequency modulation type. We have two type, the one is configured with a single chip with a High / Low-Side MOSFET driver and ballast controller, and another have a PFC control circuit and ballast controller.


MS Series

The MS1003SH and MS1004SH consume less power in standby mode than conventional ICs. The ICs incorporate various functions to make it more user-friendly and to make it easier to design a power supply with fewer external components.